Unfortunately, it is a fact accidents that occur whilst vehicles are being reversed and/or parked are all too common, can be quite dangerous and prove to be very costly. However, drivers of vehicles fitted with an appropriate Safety System are a long way ahead towards eliminating this often potential situation.
What are Vehicle Safety Systems?
  • They are a combined detection and warning system that effectively provide the driver of a vehicle with another pair of eyes thereby allowing for safe and easy reversing and/or parking.
  • There are many different types of systems available and full details of the varous systems and their operation are elaborated on in subsequent pages.
  • The system can be Detection Sensors fitted with an audible warning, or a LED display indicating distance from detected object, or a combination system of audio and LED.
  • Alternatively, a Video Camera installed at the rear of the vehicle, connected to a monitor built into the rear vision mirror.
  • The system can also be a combination of the above, ie the Sensor System and Video System.
Williams Geddes offer a range of VEHICLE SAFETY SENSOR SYSTEMS:

The Reverse Sensor is a detection and warning system that effectively provides a vehicle driver with "another pair of eyes" when reversing, by alerting the driver of the presence of any obstacles.

Enables the driver of a vehicle to clearly observe everything that is in front of vehicle whilst it is being parked. These systems are designed specifically as a parking aid.

Enables the driver of a vehicle to clearly observe via a camera everything that is behind the vehicle whilst it is being reversed.

A system that combines both the Reverse Sensor and the Camera System in one.

A system that measures the air temperature and air pressure inside a vehicle's tyres



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