Keyless Entry


•    A remote control system that locks and unlocks the doors only.
•    Includes 2 remotes controls.
•    Wires to most factory car locking systems.

Supply & Fit $295 (Inc.)

META Car Alarm - Standard System


 Full car alarm includes:

•    Back-up Battery Siren
•    One Point Immobilizer
•    Wires to Most Model Vehicles
•    Electronic Emergency Override Code
•    Boot, Bonnet & Door Protection
•    2 Rolling Code Remotes
•    LED to Warn Off Intruders

Supply & Fit $395 (Inc.)

ANTITHEFT Car Alarm - Premium System


Standard System Inclusions+ PLUS

•    3 point immobilizer
•    Passive immobilizer
•    Built in shock sensor
•    All black wiring
•    Insurance approved and Australian standards
•    Opt turbo timer

Many more programmable options to suit all your needs

Supply & Fit from $550(Inc.)

Upgrade to Alarm

Most new cars now have their own factory remote systems but all they do
Is lock and unlock the doors. We can fit an alarm upgrade system using your factory remotes. The new alarm upgrade system gives you all the added security of having a full alarm system work off your genuine factory remote.

Standard Upgrade
Alarm system with ‘META Alarm’ as standard, working off your factory remote.

Supply & Fit $395(Inc.)

Antitheft Premium Upgrade
Alarm system with ‘ANTITHEFT Alarm’ as standard, working off your factory remote.

Supply & Fit $550(Inc.)

Alarm SMS System:
An alarm SMS system will send your mobile phone an SMS when the alarm is triggered or where the vehicle battery has low voltage.

Supply & Fit SMS System without Alarm                 $495(Inc.)
Supply & Fit with Standard Alarm System               $795(Inc.)
Supply & Fit with Premium Alarm System               $995(Inc.)

Add additional features like:
•    Vehicle Location
•    Remote Lock & Unlock

All SMS units will require a sim card, average usage price $60 per year

Full Back to Base Tracking and Premium Alarm System
Includes 24/7 Monitoring by a Melbourne based securitycompany.
•    First 12 months monitoring included in price.

                                                   Yearly monitoring  $395  (Inc.)



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